November 30, 2010

“Wendy Wendt is an owner breeder of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. As a fellow Corgi owner, I've had a chance to observe her operation as a breeder. She produces well bred, well raised Corgis for pet and show homes. Her puppies are raised in a home atmosphere and given the best of care. I'd recommend her if you're looking for a quality Corgi.”

   Marty Lawfer

Frankie's Story, for those whom it may concern:

    I'm the very proud owner of  a W.W.C. registered as "Wendt Worths Clearly Deja Blue" who happily goes by the name of Frankie.

   Over a year and half ago I found myself wanting to find another Corgi, mainly because my female needed a play mate. So I began searching the internet which led me to Wendt Worth Corgis web site,I was so curious. I became a avid Facebook stalker reading about her program and the detail in which she handled her breeding of this fabulous Corgi. I learned so much, especially what I didn't know to look for in a breeder.  I found out she had done her research. This Wendy was the real deal and I loved her dogs! Problem was she lived in Ohio and I'm in South Texas.  How in the world could I make this happen? I was so impressed with everything about her but, I figured I'd never be able to have a WWC!

So imagine my surprise when my husband agreed to get me a puppy and I could inquire from Wendy. I will never forget when she told me I was accepted and would be on the waiting list. I felt so thrilled to say the least. The details are amazing, she phoned me we discussed which one was best suited for our situation, the temperament of my female our family etc. Then the day came that she called and told me that male one had a blue eye, did I still want him? I said no don't think so..but then I talked to my daughter-in-law and realized I was being ridiculous, so I called back told her "I'm wrong and I want him" Oh my gosh! That was the smartest thing I have ever done .

    Some of his accomplishment so far , at 10 months he passed his CGC . It wasn't long after I knew he needed to do something with his special talent of meeting new people and being extremely social. At this time I learned of the therapy dog program we have in town and I inquired. Frankie and I set forth on a journey that has proven to be his greatest gift, giving to others and making them smile. I knew when he was very young he loved people so much more than my other Corgi but had no idea what to do about it.. Delta society, now called Pet Partners is the road we choose to take. He passed the six weeks of training in with an evaluation at the end. By the way we were told it generally takes a couple of times to pass because everybody else had failed the first time, well that was a scary thought! I will admit I was very nervous , and not so sure when were in the thick of it , many weeks of training we learned a bunch. He listened and we accomplished what we needed to do.. His focus was amazing , andI was convinced his ability to calm down at my command  was highly unusual  especially for his age. Then came the test...We passed ! Ive never been so relieved, my head was pounding! Since then we have gone on several visits to nursing homes and hospitals, he has learned how to give kisses to strangers if they ask and make the weak and elderly talk and laugh when they don't feel good. Warms my soul to see him be so gentle with them.  He charms the kids at the children's hos. Another special place we visit is a elementary school in town , its a reading program called T4T , tails for tales,  affiliated with R.E.A.D. the kids come in, sit on a mat and read to the dogs while we sit and  help out. I m very excited about returning next month .. they loved Frankie!.

     Im sure Frankie is one of a kind , but I know where to look if I EVER want another Corgi.. and If your interested in getting a corgi I highly recommend W.W.C.   It is with much joy I write this testimony for you Wendy , you are without a doubt the best breeder I've had the pleasure of knowing.

I 'm Thankful for You every time I look into Frankie's beautiful brown and BLUE eyes ...


Priscilla Babbitt

P.S. As a side note I'd like to add parts of a recent post to Wendy that I felt she would want to know:

     We went on a hospital visit yesterday, its his 3rd time at our children's Hos. Under normal conditions we have a mentor and a volunteer with us each time we visit and I was told I would have one for 25 visits or 1year..  but not this boy he is released to go with me and the volunteer from now on .. Why? Because hes so dependable, he does as hes told and eats it up.

We were all able to do bed visits! I was so excited about that, its so much easier for my short legged boy .. on all the other visits I've had to put him in a chair prop him up hold his legs on the bed and it was so uncomfortable for him, as a result he'd back down and I'd put him up again.. I was told I'd  have to do that for many more visits .. then my mentor said lets see how he does, apparently younger dogs (like him) aren't as reliable and sometimes bother the IV'S or have other issues with the patient which they cant have at all.. He laid down as I told him and looked into "my eyes" I said to the little boy "say his name (Frankie) and he will look at you", he did and pop goes the ears ! It was so precious to see that little child light up..

      We also were released to do bed visits at the nursing homes a month ago and to visit alone as well, no mentor.. after only 4 visits, again , I was under the impression we will need to have at least 25.   ..Imagine my delight to know how good he was proving to be..I know we still have a lot to learn, and he will be able to stay longer with each patient as he gets older and learns the routine.. for now though I'm more than pleased with his progress.

He is such an outstanding Corgi and so smart and so  funny, the vice pres.of our Paws up group in Corpus Christi Tx. told me he was the star student in his class, I laughed thinking she was humoring me because he's is so darn cute, but I'm beginning to believe her ..

Yours truly,

Priscilla Babbitt

Dear Wendy and family , 2 legged and four legged,

Just a note  to let you  know how much I appreciate you!

Having  watched your breeding program for sometime before approaching you about purchasing a dog from you , its amazing how much I learned! I remember how we struggled over just the right pup when the litter came.. as I wanted a dog I could play in multiple venues with, of show and breeding quality. After much discussion,  with your guidance we decided upon Cara, and what a fun ride it has been thus far , both in the show ring as well as lure coursing ability:) She has one leg toward her CAT title  and has proved to be extremely driven and athletic:) In the show ring she has just the right attitude and is a joy to show.

 I attribute these wonderful qualities in this bitch  largely to your thoughtful studied breeding program and the dedication with which you raise and nurture your dogs.

When Cara came at almost 12 weeks old, she was nearly housebroken, and scheduled such that she was a joy of a pup to raise.  She was just the right temperament and personality for me:) She sailed thru beginner puppy obedience, as she had already been given a foundation in many of the tasks asked of her!

 after more than three years, I am  ever grateful for your continued friendship and encouragement! over these years! we communicate almost daily and  you have devoted so much of your time to being there for me for every question, piece of advice,sometimes late into the night, and always encouragement and recognition! I thank you!

  I am proud to say that having been bred to a wonderful male CH Nebriowa Zachariah, Cara has  whelped  four lovely pups , and has proved to be a wonderful mother,and I look forward to your comments when it comes time to evaluate these pups:)

 I hope we continue to work together for many years for the love of this breed is a passion for us!   

 I am ever so grateful to you for trusting me with this lovely bitch:) She is a joy and the love of my life:)  It is paramount  that an ethical and responsible breeder be there for the life of  every pup he/she produces, and you are a shining example of just such a breeder! Invested in every pups lifelong endeavors .

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit last year while I was in Ohio for a show. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and for the lovely hospitality. Meeting the lowriders and your family  was a terrific experience:) I was amazed at how immaculate and lovely your home is:) with two children, a hubby and the happy happy dogs, I don’t know how you do it:)  But I am glad you do:)

 many of us who have  WWC dogs joke that when we die we want to come back as a dog and live at your house:) LOL

  lastly , and maybe most importantly, it is your willingness to share the experience knowledge you gain  as you go along with others  that  I value  greatly!  

 I wish you continued success with your breeding program. You are a treasured friend and a true champion of the breed!

Thank you!

 Love as always,

Shelley and the Sheelin crew

I have done obedience and agility, shown my dogs in obedience many times, but wanted to try conformation. My best dog I have for obedience shows and have many titles on, is my Corgi/Sheltie mix rescue and she has Corgi personality and drive through and through that I feel in love with. So I wanted a Corgi for conformation. After searching for a reputable breeder, I choose Wendy. I was pleased with the information on her website as well as pictures of her dogs. I was able to see her dogs in the show ring, very impressive! Wendy is extremely knowledgeable, devoted and loves this breed and you can tell she is through her website and phone conversations with her. I was also thrilled that Wendy gave me the chance to show in conformation. While at her house, I had the pleasure of meeting her low riders, very friendly, happy and clean.  Wendy spent time with me going over vaccinations, care and management. She was happy to take the time to answer any questions I had.

Since it was my first time for conformation, I also wanted my breeder to be my mentor and Wendy is just that and more. She makes herself available even after you bring the puppy home. I was also impressed on how the puppies are started on "watching" and "stacking" while in her care. Wendy knew exactly what puppy was best for me and I couldn't be more pleased with my boy Drummer. I have taken him to a lot of places with me and heads turn when they see him and comment on what a wonderful puppy he is, his temperament and built. I recently took him to our first match. I wasn't expecting to get anything, since he was still young yet and I was new to this, just wanted the experience and practice for both of us. I was very pleased that he won his breed and went on to a group 2nd! Afterwards the judge looked me up to complement me on Drummer. I told her where he came from, as she would be looking for a Corgi in the future.

If you decide you want one of her low riders, you won't be disappointed!

Your Friend,

Tonia McCanna

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Dear Friends :

This is more than a letter, its a Little history, I meet Wendy in internet, more specific in, I meet her when my first female rosie arrive from Ohio USA, from that momet start a beautifull friendship, I see her website and instantly I love all her dogs, but one in special, Winston, when I see him I want one Wendt Worth Corgis and start write to wendy and talk and talk about pembrokes by mail, some time I call her, but my English not ist so good, and I prefer write.

In the middle I take from other great person in USA, to, my sweet male, oh I write this because I start with my kennels now with calm, and start showing him here in Mexico, Oh sorry I’m from Mexico City, my name is alberto, wendy all time see my progress with the male and every time write to me sweet things and advices all time to go in the right way, well the male was THE BEST PEMBROKE IN MEXICO in 2011.

So time its past now, from the first time I write to her to this moment 5 years long way and I see her in all time who gives love in each one of his litters and dogs, who as study one by one all bloodlines of his dogs and future litters, for me wendy it’s a dedicate and lovely breeder and bred gorgeus dogs, with the best character, really lovely dogs.

Ok after a long wait and when wendy think its time for me, write to me and say alberto do you like one of my low Riders, because I follow you this years and I see a good person in you, who do you see this ?, well my reaction was CRABS wendy pick me up for take one of his dogs, its an honor and a responsibility but YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I want one of your dogs, I wait a long time for this, after a few more mails and details at last I take one of his lovely dogs, One great female the name WENDT WORTH IVY LEAGUE AT HAAL’S ( my princess Ivy ), almost a year with us here in Mexico, Now ivy it’s the NUMBER ONE FEMALE IN MEXICO, Wining a BIS JUNIOR and its for the moment a JUNIOR MEXICAN CHAMPION, Many, Many BOB win and Places in junior and adult Groups, and in every step wendy its with us every time with tips, good luck wishes and more by mail. I don’t have words for her to allow me pick up one of his dogs, I’m very happy with Ivy, because now I know Ivy its my female founder in my kennels, and wendy its my guardian angel.

I want one more wish, I hope this was a reality soon, meet wendy and her family and dogs, and give her, family and dogs, a very, very big hug in person.

I don’t know how come the future, but now, I’m happy with all things, special with my pembrokes and friends.

Have a great day.

Alberto and family from Mexico.

Sr. Alberto Ballesteros
Adiestramiento y Manejo Profesional
Profesional Handler

“I've known Wendy for the past two years and do not hesitate to recommend her. She has a passion for Corgi's and improving the breed. She is open to learning and has gone out of her way to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. Along with striving to improve her breeding program she also has worked to get her dogs into the ring. I had the pleasure of showing one of her dogs and can say that her dedication to training and care of her dogs is second to no one.”

    -Liz Swanson

April 11th, 2014

    I have been talking with Wendy for a couple years now and got my first Wendt Worth corgi September 2013. When I first began emailing her, it was clear to me about her knowledge of the breed and care for her dogs. While some more impulsive buyers may feel frustrated at her lengthy questionnaire, I was glad to see this. Not only does this show that she wants the best situation for her puppy, but she also wants the puppy to be the best match for the buyer! She never complained about my practically constant questions about raising a corgi, although it later became a bit of a joke to us when I was more corgi-literate. Soon, my husband and I set up our first visit to her home.

    She showed us her home, which was impeccably clean by any standards, and almost impossibly so when you consider that 13+ corgis live there as members of the family. Furthermore, each dog listened intently to her and was happy to pose for some pictures! I left feeling confident that any puppy from her would be an excellent addition to the family.

    When the time came for me to be on “the list” for a litter, she kept me updated with pictures of Shay’s growing belly and how she was doing. After the puppies were born, Wendy sent me pictures of the litter every week, which helped a bit with the excitement of the situation. When we picked up Delaney, we were sent with plenty of info about what she had been eating and how to prepare her for showing (I purchased her as a show prospect), etc.

    When leaving her brothers and the other Low Riders, Delaney never once whimpered, even when introduced to her crate. She is such a happy dog, and wants nothing more than to be by my side. She was eager to learn how to “stack” for show and our first time at a match, she won first place in herding group! Delaney is a walking comedy show, athletic, and most importantly HEALTHY! Thanks to Wendy’s work to rid her lines of Degenerative Myelopathy, I will never have to worry if my dog will one day suffer from this terrible disease. I am 100% satisfied with my addition and intend on always having a Wendt Worth corgi in my home!

  Peace, love, and belly rubs!
  Meagan Joseph

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November 30, 2010               

Wendy and I are part of a network of Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners/enthusiasts and I have been extremely impressed with her knowledge of the breed and the excellence of her breeding program. She takes great care to ensure the quality of her dogs by testing for breed specific disorders, socializing the puppies by including them in all activities of her home and caring for the general health of all of her dogs. She is a responsible breeder and as such carefully screens potential owners of her puppies for their forever homes. She also takes the time to educate potential owners of the challenges they may face with corgis so that they are prepared and can make the right decision about owning a corgi. Wendy is also my "go to" person when I have questions about behavior issues, health and/or grooming questions. Wendy truly loves this breed and it shows in every aspect of her life and her breeding program. 

Julianne Scott                                 

After experiencing how much Wendt Worth Corgis cares about the breed, their dogs and the families they serve, I am confident that they are among the best breeders in the world. The individual time and attention paid to each puppy, and the planning that goes into each litter, ensures that their Corgis have the best possible future, whether as show dogs or pets.” March 6, 2011

Christiane Lopez

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