Meagan meaning princess is a sable. She also came to us on my daughters birthday. She reminds me of Pink, the pop singer. Tough core but a good heart. Meagan is our comedian. She is so entertaining that there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't make me laugh. Meagan's eyes are dark, alert, and she will stalk your every move to take the first chance to run you down. Meagan also loves to watch TV and stretch out to be massaged. She has great bone, straight topline, and a real smooth gait. She holds herself proud as if she's saying, "Look at me, I'm gorgeous". Meagan is a natural for the show ring. Meagan weighs 28 lbs. Meagan is vWD CLEAR     by VetGen and Hips are FAIR and  CERF’d.

 Lyra in Welsh means song as Lyric is a famous fairy. Lyra is another Larklain dog that is very athletic like her mother, Sian. She has very alert and intelligent eyes. Lyra acts more assertive then she really is, she really wants to please and give it her all. Lyra gets very excited to greet and is pretty much game for anything. She has great bone, muscular and #1 pick by Pat Hastings at 8 weeks old. Lyra loves to run and is happy chasing the others as they go retrieve the ball. Lyra is the sister to Bruiser and Lainey who are making their sire, CH Larklain Rogers Magic Marker, proud along with her dam Sian. Lyra is vWD Clear by parentage, CERF, Hips prelim Good.

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Shay is a super sweet girl that is shy and doesn’t trust strangers easily. She is very gentle and very polite with the other dogs. Shay is super quick and light on her paws, spins on a dime, and can get some serious air. Shay has level topline with nice movement and just floats. Her neck of lovely length blends well into her shoulders. Shay’s expression is of pure innocence and wants nothing more than to please. Shay is vWD clear by parentage CERF and hips at a later date.  

Wendt Worth Clearly Heartfelt Gwendolyn

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Jolie caught my eye as soon as the litter was born. She is marked just like her sire and has his bold, goofy, outgoing personality that wants to please you. Jolie’s eyes are so bright and pure. She is a joy and makes me laugh like her sire. There is no denying Jolie of anything, she is a pleasure to be with and you can’t help but want to love her. Jolie is outspoken and a bit of a drama queen. She has lovely bone, great movement, level topline and resembles her sire a lot. Jolie is a vWD carrier, CERF and hips at a later date.

gWEN is named after me and is why WEN is capitalized. In school my friends called me WEN and to this day some still do. gWEN is a beautiful sable with dark mahogany coloring. She is the most gentle and sweetest that the puppies all adore making her the official WWC babysitter. gWEN is Tilby’s full sister. qWEN has a beautiful long neck blending well into her level topline. gWEN’s   grandsire was #1 AKC breed and all breed in 2006, won BOB at Westminster in 2007, Eukanuba BOB 2006 and 2007 with a group 3 at Eukanuba. gWEN is very athletic and quick, always ready to go and she moves with elegance. She is our Celine Dion the way she loves to sing out her aaarrrooo’s! gWEN is DM clear by parentage, vWD clear by parentage and confirmed by Vetgen, CERF’d and hips at a later date.

CH Wendt Worths Meadowlark Lyric

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