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Puppies coming soon

When you purchase a puppy from Wendt Worth Corgis you will know that you are purchasing a healthy, happy, well socialized, and sound puppy. Our puppies enjoy their days at the WWC Royalton Resort that offers plenty of shade, entertainment, fresh air on a well maintained ground covered with artificial turf.

How Much is that Doggie in the Window??

All puppies come with a Puppy Pamphlet full of information on training, feeding, and health issues. Along with the Puppy Pamphlet you will also receive an Eukanuba Packet with sample food that your puppy has been fed throughout his time with Wendt Worth Corgis along with a detailed Medical Records specifically on your puppy of choice. Wendt Worth Corgis will have outlined everything that has been agreed upon on said puppy with detailed contracts. Wendt Worth Corgis also offers a 1 year Health Guarantee against genetics defects. Please visit our Contracts page and Health Guarantees page to read over the guidelines and stipulations of both agreements. No puppy will be released without all paper work in order. Pricing of puppies varies from pup to pup or litter to litter. Our puppies are part of the family and expect the same of any puppy buyer. To learn more about the care and how we raise our little Low Riders, please visit the About Us page. Thank you for stopping in and even more so... Thank you for giving my little Low Rider a home to call his own!

If you are interested in an official WWC Low
Rider. Please  click  here for puppy questionnaire. Fill the
Questionnaire out completely and email back. Please do not call. We are very busy taking care of our dogs and socializing our puppies.

Champion bred Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies for Sale Wendt Worth Corgis Champion Bred Corgi puppies For Sale

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Champion Bred Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Wendt Worth Corgis Pembroke Welsh Corgis D.M. Clear Pembroke Welsh Corgis