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Tilby was named after my street since I thought it sounded cute and would be one of a kind. I looked long and hard for Tilby’s sire to breed to his dam to have a full DM clear litter of ideal standards that would do well in the ring and here he is! Tilby’s grandsire was #1 AKC breed and all breed in 2006, won BOB at Westminster in 2007, Eukanuba BOB 2006 and 2007 with a group 3 at Eukanuba. Tilby is very athletic and quick, always ready to go. He is a very happy boy that wiggles his bunny butt so much he puts Elvis to shame. He loves to aaarrrooo to me to get my attention or to let me know he is happy to be doing what he is doing. Tilby has a dead level topline, beautiful neck that blends well, nice bone, very nice length that is very well coated in sable with rich tones of mahogany. He covers the ground smoothly with a nice deep stride and reach. Tilby is vWD clear by parentage, DM CLEAR by parentage and confirmed by Vetgen, CERF, and prelim in 2012.

GCH Group Placing Wendt Worth Clear The Way 

Wendtworth Windsor O’Merrylegs

Bruiser earned his name with great honors for being such a big goofy pup and caught onto it so early on that he earned it for life. Lark means prankster and Bruiser is all about being a joker. With prominent Larklain lines and features, Bruiser also has that well known Larklain personality that is the sweetest and kindest disposition. He definitely has the Corgi Language down and often voices his opinion when its not needed or asked. Bruiser will make you laugh, grab your attention, and put you at "awe". Bruiser is making his sire, CH Larklains Rogers Magic Marker, very proud along with his dam Sian. Bruiser's deep, dark eyes weakens the ladies and his masculine build make the men jealous. He has great bone, straight topline, deep drive, and a thick coat. Bruiser is vWD clear by parentage, CERF and prelim hips Excellent.  


Winston was born on my wedding anniversary. I could not get him off my mind and had to have him. He is very loyal and extremely gentle. Winston is a huge lover and absolutely gorgeous to look at. I call him Chewie Cha Baka since he moans and groans like the furry beast on Star Wars. Winston is very bright and intelligent and all the femmes love him. He is extremely well mannered and that came naturally to him. Winston catches the eye of many. His tuxedo hair coat is straight, wrinkle free, rich and high shine. He is very proud and alert with smooth movement and straight topline. Winston has dark, gentle eyes that lure you in. He is very athletic with a fit and trim sculpturing figure. Winston at the moment weighs 30 lbs. Winston's hips tested GOOD and he's vWD CLEAR by parentage and by VetGen and CERF’d

GCH Group Placing Wendt Worths Beyond Boudaries Lark

Enjoying Retirement

" Winston"

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Enjoying Retirement

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