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1. When will the ears go up and why do some go up earlier then others?
Just like in our children we all develop at different time levels. Mostly, a Corgi that will have bigger ears will start to stand at a later date. Ears do grow, even if a pup at 5 weeks has ears that are standing and they look small can get bigger as time goes on. Baron looked as if he had small ears early on but as he grew so did his ears. Pups with huge ears sometimes need help to stand. That’s when tapping is advised. Talk to your breeder for advise and further recommendations.
2. How do Corgis get along with other animals and children?
You couldn't ask for a better companion then the Corgi for this. Corgis are very adaptable and loyal. They aim to please and under the right supervision are exceptional with children and other animals. They are herders and will chase if not disciplined properly. As with any other breed of dog, animals and children must respect one another and learn each others boundaries. Early on, certain behaviors need to be corrected for no long term problems just like with our children.
3. How will the puppy handle the separation from the litter and into a new home?
There will be a period of anxiety, fear, and sometimes, nothing but positive reactions. I raise my pups to be very adaptable and to be independent. My biggest worry for my pups is for them to leave for their new homes. If you read the About Us page, you will see I take every precaution to make sure this separation goes as smoothly as possible for the pup. I will not let a pup leave if I feel he/she is not ready and needs more time here. You will leave here with a puppy packet full of helpful tips on giving your pup a welcome home. If you put a deposit on a pup prior to taking him home, I mail out information on how to get ready for that pup and how to make him feel comfortable for the separation of litter mates. Most have little, if no, separation issues, just a little apprehensions on the new surroundings that disappear within 48 hrs.
4. Can I call you for advice and help after we bring the puppy home?
Absolutely!! I highly suggest it and welcome it. Always best to have another opinion or to make sure your on the right track. My duty as a breeder and obligation to the puppy I produced is to make sure the home I have placed him in is knowledgeable and willing to be the best loving home. I want this new relationship to go smoothly and happily for both the puppy buyer and my Low Rider. In your puppy packet you will be provided with several ways to contact me and to stay in touch. I am always there for the life of any pup I produce and am more then willing to advise on any dog issues you may have, Corgi or not.
5. When can puppies come home and will you ship a puppy?
I will ship puppies out but not til they are 8 weeks of age. If making a trip to the kennel to pick up a pup personally, that pup can go home at 7 weeks, only if I feel that pup is ready for that transition. Each pup and litter of pups is different. I am willing to work out arrangements for pick up on each individuals situation. Shipping of pups do have additional expenses and more precautions to be taken for the best interest of the pup. That can be discussed further when the time comes.
6.  When can I start leash work?
Once the pup is settled in, leash work should be started immediately. The younger the better. Remember, a pups attention span is that of a 2 year olds so don't over do the training sessions. Also, don't make the training sessions vigorous, interact and play with the pup to stimulate him to react the way you would like him too. This will be less stressful and entertaining to him and that will make for easy learning and willingness. Puppies best learn through play and interaction. Again, this will be included in the puppy packet and I will be there for you to help you along.
WWC is also offering for anyone who would like to attend a monthly or bi-monthly meeting at public parks to socialize our pups and do some obedience work that is geared towards the Canine Good Citizenship Award. This is an open invitation for anyone and any breed.
7. How much is shipping?
Shipping depends on the airlines, weight of package, and location of destination. You are responsible for the airline safe travel crate that I will purchase for you and all shipping costs to get the pup to you before departure. With fuel costs today, airfares have been on the rise, but an estimation for shipping a pup should be around $300.00.
8. Will you sell a puppy on a Full Registration?
Yes. There are circumstances for each individual. I handle full registrations carefully. You must provide references, including your vet, and be willing to talk to me on the phone for me to make that decision. Contracts that I have for Stud Service, Pet Quality Pups, and Show/Breeding Pups are general outlines. Each situation is unique and will workout each one as uniquely as I feel is suited. For further discussion on Full Registration...YOU MUST CALL!
9. Are you willing to workout different agreements per customer?
As I have answered in question #8..yes. YOU MUST CALL! For special arrangements and full registrations, communication needs to be on a personal note and not via e-mail. Contracts are written up as a general rule, modifications can be added or subtracted from contracts per individual agreements set by Wendt Worth Corgis and the party interested.

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