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Wendt Worth Hot In Cleveland  

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Betty White and her new show "Hot In Cleveland". Bandy's Call Name is the Production Name Betty was co-founder of, Bandy Productions.  Bandy is just like her mother, very sweet, gentle, and lady like. She has a rich, shiny coat with many highlights. Bandy is comical and very talkative when trying to get the kids to play or to be forgiven when introuble as she wiggles her whole body that makes anyone fall in love with her even more. She will also nip your pant leg or bump your calf with her nose to get your attention. Bandy can a bit reserved and doesn't need to be the center of attention. Bandy is DM at risk, vWD clear, Fluff Free. Bandy's name is a dedication to


Tesla's registered name is for the indefinite health against DM in our breed. She  is very much like her mother being bold, self confident, and not easily rattled. Tesla is another easily trained dog that is smart. She is an Angel with her gentleness but if pushed, she lets it be known you've crossed her boundaries without losing control. Tesla is very loyal and dedicated to me and wants to please. Tesla loves to explore and can entertain herself though would rather be with people then the pack. She is not hyper active and just a precious little girl. Tesla is DM clear, vWD clear.

 Wendt Worth Infinite Vitality

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Wendt Worth WASP Iron Cross...

Avy's call name is short for Aviation since her registered name WASP means "Women Airforce Service Pilots" and Iron Cross is an award in Germany for Pilots. In 1977, Congress passed a bill recognizing WASP! Avy is super fast about everything ans so agile you'd think she was a rubber band.  She is a very excited, happy dog ans so pleasing she obeys well and always watching you. You can not ignore Avy since she makes herself known by putting her mouth on your hands or will dig at you with her front paws. Avy is very intelligent and quite out going. She has also earned the award as being the major Twerker. . Avy is DM at risk, fluff factored, vWD clear.

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