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  Sit ....Stay...  I have a dedicated love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These mighty dogs in their little packages are highly intelligent, sturdy, loyal, and quite entertaining. I breed the Corgi for ideal standards and great personalities. All of my dogs live in the house with me and are a part of the family. All my Low Riders have Champion Pedigrees and go through testing requirements to promote a healthy sound Corgi. I look for smooth movement, flat toplines, great expressions, thick sturdy bone, and most importantly..  MIND!!!    


  My dogs get the utmost of care and love and expect the same from any puppy buyers. All of my Low Riders are fed Eukanuba with probiotics, fish oil,yogurt daily and Sentinel given monthly. Bi-annually they receive dental hygiene cleanings by myself since I went to Dental Hygiene school, and regular brushings or wipings every week. Bi-weekly they receive manicures and grooming's at least twice a week. All my treats are centered around good hygiene, with a few exceptions, and add dental rinse water treatment to their water to keep their smiles bright.
   Ihave an AKC Registered Veterinarian who I have a wonderful relationship with and handles all of the care on my Low Rider adults and puppies.
All puppies are sold on a limited registration unless references are provided and I feel you're worthy of a full registration. Contracts per agreement will be signed before releasing said dog.
   I will allow my studs to service a very selective few outside females upon my evaluation of said female and a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
   I have acquired a kennel license for my county which allows the county and city to come unannounced to inspect my kennel, and of course, AKC. I have also acquired a vendors license which makes me submit taxes on my dogs.

Wendt  Worth Corgis kennels is a refurbished basement rec room. I wasn't going to move my dogs outside so I decided to sell off the Sectional  set and set three areas for whelping and some kennels for when the dogs couldn't be monitored for their safety. We also added two puppy playpen areas so the puppies get plenty of exercise.

   Right from birth the puppies are handled daily and weighed to make sure for proper growth. At 2 to 3 days old all tails and dewclaws are removed. When the pups reach 2 weeks old they receive their first manicure to prevent splayed paws and mastitis in the mom and manicures continue bi-weekly. I also get the pups on a sleeping schedule and the basics for house training. By 11:00 pm, lights out, radio off, and it's bedtime for the nursery. We use whelping mats that absorb nicely, keeping pups clean and healthy and prevents pups from slipping and causing hip dysplasia which is a lifetime of discomfort. I also have in a corner of the box a puppy training pad to teach pups to go in one area. Weather permitting; every morning pups are taken outside to play. By 7 weeks of age, most are holding from relieving themselves till they are taken out.
I offer many toys and chews to entertain and teach the pups. Wendt Worth Corgi's puppies are fed Eukanuba Medium Breed Puppy Kibble with probiotics, yogurt and fish oil mixed in every morning's feeding. Puppies are given free choice of food all day till they are 6 1/2 weeks old when free choice is stopped at night in preparation for their new homes. During de-worming times, pups are let out on concrete for easy cleaning and sterilizing nightly, otherwise pups are let in the grass and of course the flower beds. My de-worming starts at 2 weeks of age and continues for every other week till 8 weeks old. At 6 weeks of age the pups receive their first vaccination and again at 9 weeks. Before pups go to their new homes, they have been well socialized with other dogs, kids, water, activities within the home and outdoors, car rides, and moments of separation from the litter for some one- on-one attention and to prepare and evaluate the pup for their new home.



   Before leaving Wendt Worths Corgis Kennel with your newest addition, you will receive a Eukanuba Puppy Packet with sample food, Health/Medical Records Chart, and a Puppy Packet from the kennel itself full of information on training tips, health issues and concerns, and behavior issues and how to handle them.
As a breeder, I feel it is my duty to educate any new owner and be there for the life of any puppy I produce and place. I love to talk Corgis and am more then happy to advise anyone. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to meet the Pack.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Wendy L Wendt

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