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Wendt Worth Corgis Males

Winslow's call name means Winston's Low Rider, his registered name is in dedication to his grandsire, Winston, who tragically died on April 29, 2013 and to be a reminder who we all need to think of daily, GOD!! Winslow is a Saint. He has the most kind, gentle, happy, intelligent, respectful, mannerly, lovable, dedicated, willing soul. Winslow's eyes are so sincere and expressive, they will weaken your knees and soften anyones heart. He is very obedient and intelligent. Winslow is very much like his grandsire with me, attitude, disposition and self training himself like a natural. He is confident but not pushy nor hyper active.Winslow haircoat is thick, rich with color and very vibrant with a nice shine.  Winslow is DM clear, Fluff Factored, vWD clear


Bexley gets his registered name because he came to me from a collection. ( Cole Election) Bexley is very intelligent and comical, always entertaining and willing to give love, hence why we call him Pepe Le Pew. His dark , slick coat of rich and vibrant coloring is striking and eye catching. Bexley is a showman and knows what hes got. Very athletic and agile, but not hyper active. Bexley is collective and a smooth character, with his masked eyes, like Batman, that are always watching me. Bexley is DM carrier, CERF normal, vWD clear, and fluff factored.

Wendt Worth Presidential Cole Election

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Champion Bred Pembroke Welsh Corgis

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